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Details of the structural components of a gear
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Structural classification

Generally, there are gear teeth, teeth, ends, surfaces, teeth, circles, Chi Genyuan, bases, and circles.

Gear tooth

A short tooth is a raised part of a gear that is used for meshing. These bulges are generally arranged in a radial arrangement, and the gears on the mating gear contact each other to keep the gears engaged continuously.


The space between the two adjacent teeth of the gear; the end surface is a flat surface of a cylindrical or cylindrical worm that is perpendicular to the axis of the gear or worm.

End face

It is the flat surface at both ends of the gear.

Normal surface

A plane perpendicular to the tooth line of a gear tooth.

Addendum circle

The circle at which the tip of the tooth is located.

The root circle

The circle at the bottom of the trough.

The base circle

A circular line in which involute lines are formed.

The pitch circle

A reference circle for calculating the geometric dimensions of gears in the end face.