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What are the machining methods of involute gears?
browse: release date:2017-7-21 10:39:38

Gear processing method

There are 2 main methods for Machining Involute Gears, one is profiling method, the other is milling the teeth of the gear teeth by the form milling cutter, which is "imitating the shape". The other is Fan Chengfa.

(1) hobbing machine hobbing: it can process 8 modulus less helical teeth

(2) milling milling: straight rack can be machined

(3): gear slotting machine gear machining

(4) cold beating machine: it can be processed without chips

(5): 16 gear shaper can process large modulus gear

(6) precision casting teeth: can be processed in large quantities cheap gear

(7) grinding machine grinding machining precision machine tools: the gear

(8) die casting machine gear: most processing non-ferrous metal gear;

(9) shaving machine: it is a metal cutting machine tool for gear finishing